The history of our business started back in the early 1900s…

when Claude Sheehan opened a welding supply shop called Sheehan’s. Soon after, he expanded to perform alignments and frame work. In 1945, the back section of the shop was added on, being built by Claude Sheehan and Roland Bybee. Roland Bybee worked for Sheehan’s until 1969. Later, he bought the alignment shop and named it Bybee’s.


Gary Butterworth was hired to work for Bybee’s until 1979, when he bought the business from Roland, keeping Bybee’s as the name of the shop. Gary Butterworth ran the shop successfully until November of 1996, when he retired, and Dan Plaizier, owner of Dan’s Collision Repair, bought out Gary to retain the tradition of continuing to do best quality in front suspension, steering, and brake work in the area.